• Scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and students from universities and businesses across Europe, Brazil and the rest of Latin America submitted a total of 233 social innovation projects.
  • The 26 best projects, in addition to competing for 90,000 euros worth of prizes, which will help make their projects a reality, will gain visibility and benefit from mentoring and entrepreneurial advice to help ensure their projects also reach potential investors.
  • The qualifying projects hail from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, Guatemala, Luxembourg, Mexico, Portugal and the United Kingdom. 
  • The semi-finals will take place in Mexico City and Sao Paulo in June, and in July in Madrid

The Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation assessment committee have chosen the 27 most innovative projects from among the over 200 projects submitted. These projects demonstrate the greatest capacity for social transformation and global impact, and share a common goal: improving health, insurance and sustainable mobility, three essential aspects for social progress.

The qualifying projects, which come from 11 countries, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, Guatemala, Luxembourg, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and the United Kingdom, will soon be competing in three semi-finals which will be held in Mexico City and Sao Paulo in June, and in July in Madrid. The Grand Final will be held on 10 October in Madrid.

On this occasion, the said committee, comprised of experts from Fundación Mapfre and IE University, the institution collaborating on these Awards, have chosen the projects which offer the greatest potential for social impact and are the most workable from a technical, economic and organizational perspective. They also assessed the ability and experience of the teams in developing the idea and demonstrating with pilot tests or prototypes how the project could become a reality.

The goal of these awards, which offer a cash prize of 30,000 euros for the winner in each category, also seeks to promote creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership as the tools for bringing about a fairer world, as well as promoting values such as sustainability, equality and inclusion.


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9 projects to help improve health and boost healthy lifestyle habits

In the e-health category (health improvement,) there are nine projects to choose from: Arrhythmia (Spain), a wristband to monitor and detect heart arrhythmia and help to stop strokes; Fallskip (Spain), an app which can easily detect in a little over two minutes if someone is at risk of a fall; Walk with path (Denmark), a portable device which is attached to a person with a neurodegenerative disease’s shoes in order to provide them with visual cues; Burn to give (Chile), a platform which converts the calories that a person burns when exercising into solidarity calories, aimed at feeding a malnourished child; Ecglove (Mexico), a glove which enables a medical professional to rapidly assess the state of a person’s heart in a critical condition and significantly reduces their response time; and Kitsmile (Colombia), a project which aims to rehabilitate children with cerebral palsy through a modular chair which also offers personalized advice to the children and their families on nutrition and physical activity.

Three projects in Brazil have also qualified: Especialmente Educando, a keyboard which helps people with limited movement or impaired fine motor skills use computers or mobile devices; Neurobots, a system which helps rehabilitate people who have suffered from cerebrovascular accidents with the help of an exoskeleton which is fitted to their paralyzed hand and helps to move it by means of sensors located in the brain; and Savelivez, a platform which helps blood banks and hospitals find blood donors for in demand blood types automatically.

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9 solutions to foster social protection and access to the culture of insurance

Nine technological ideas have qualified in the insurtech category: Cubelizer: (Spain), a constant monitoring service for elderly people which activates an assistant in the event that they have an accident or fall ill; Green Urban Data (Spain), software that provides information on the environmental status of cities and thus facilitates decision-making and strategy prioritization in order to combat climate change; Ibisa (Luxembourg), a platform that promotes inclusive insurance to protect farmers’ crops worldwide; Kimmo (Mexico), an app which enables drivers to take out automobile insurance based on their vehicle’s use; Mecubro.com (Argentina), a platform which offers the user the option to take out temporary and customized insurance online immediately; and Mibkclub (Colombia), an initiative which seeks to improve the quality of life and well-being of low-income families through access to savings and insurance.

The semi-finalists in this category in Brazil are: 88Insurtech, a digital platform offering services related to security and assistance, which is based on blockchain technology and connects insurance brokers and their clients quickly and efficiently; Manejebem, a social network for small-scale farmers which offers remote technical assistance to help contribute to sustainable rural development; and Psyalive, a platform which offers the possibility of having consultations with a psychologist by videoconference, wherever you are in the world.

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9 projects that seek to reduce accident rates and streamline traffic

In the sustainable mobility and road safety category the following projects have qualified: Mobilized Construction (UK), a sensor which is fitted to the vehicle in order to evaluate road conditons in real time; Navilens (Spain), a groundbreaking system enabling people with visual impairments to orient themselves in any location by means of signals distributed in various places, with the help of their cell phone; Pavnext (Portugal), a device which is installed on the roads that is able to automatically reduce a vehicle’s speed; Caminito de la escuela (Mexico), a web platform offering information on the danger level of school environments thanks to public participation; Shutoff App (Guatemala), a mobile app which, among a number of other settings, can detect speeds of over 20 kilometers per hour in order to block your telephone and prevent distractions while driving; and Wheels Social (Colombia), a digital platform promoting car sharing, taxi services and bicycle plans and which interacts with people nearby that the user considers trustworthy.

In Brazil, the three semi-finalists in this category are: Carona a pé, a system which organizes groups of children living nearby so that their families and teachers can accompany them from their homes to school and vice versa; Milênio Bus, a platform which tells you if a public bus is full and which offers online ticket payment; and Venuxx, another digital and collaborative transport platform which exclusively connects women, both drivers and passengers, to help improve their safety.

Mentoring, coaching and visibility towards investors

The 26 semifinalists will enjoy various promotional channels for their projects, which will help them to publicize their work. They will receive support, guidance and assistance in effectively communicating and developing their proposals with the help of online mentoring for semi-finalists and coaching for finalists. They will also have access to a public relations plan to boost their project’s exposure to potential investors and backers.

Three semi-finals: Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Madrid

The first semi-final, that of Latin America, will take place on June 6 in Mexico City, followed by the Brazil semi-finals, which will take place in Sao Paulo on 13 June, and finally the European semi-finals which will be held in Madrid on 4 July. Only one candidate per category will qualify out of all these projects and will then go on to take part in the grand final in Madrid. At this event held on 10 October, 9 finalists will be competing and we will find out the three winners (one per category) during a closing ceremony to mark the end of the current edition of these awards.

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