“Both hands on the wheel” and “90 km/h, better to go more slowly” are the two messages with which ALSA, the Department of Traffic and Fundación MAPFRE are using to promote road safety and contribute to reducing the number of road accidents. The first message is aimed at making drivers aware of the importance of not driving while distracted, a risk factor that caused 31% of accidents with casualties in 2018; and the second message is to avoid excessive or inappropriate speed on secondary roads, where the greatest number of accidents occur each year.

In the next few months, with Fundación MAPFRE’s backing, ALSA will be communicating two key messages on the backs of 80 of their buses which these three  organizations want to use to educate drivers, especially during the months in which most trips take place. They also want to contribute to Goal Zero Accidents, which ALSA, the DGT and Fundación MAPFRE are working on every day through their activities in Spain and abroad.

Pere Navarro, the General Director of the Department of Traffic, who today visited the central headquarters of this passenger transport company located in Madrid, emphasized Fundación MAPFRE and ALSA’s commitment to road safety, the fact that ALSA invests in safety systems for their fleet of vehicles, that they train their drivers and are involved in campaigns such as the one presented today, which carry road safety messages on the backs of their coaches. “It is a privilege that the Administration is moving in the same direction and in close collaboration with civil society, because together we are stronger and together we can work to prevent the majority of road accidents.”

Francisco Iglesias, managing director of ALSA, who also took part in the event, underlined that “for ALSA, road safety is a shared responsibility, which is why we are delighted to collaborate again this year with the DGT and Fundación MAPFRE on this new campaign to spread the message on our buses to all drivers about the dangers of distractions at the wheel and excessive speed on secondary roads”.

Jesus Monclús, Fundación MAPFRE Accident Prevention and Road Safety Director, also pointed out that “the bus is a safer mode of transport than a car and can therefore be considered a safety measure in and of itself”. He also indicated that thanks to ALSA and the DGT’s support “we are also using buses as a way of underlining some of the main risk factors, thus doubling the effectiveness of buses to improve the safety of journeys”.

In 2017, Fundación MAPFRE and ALSA launched this campaign which focused on the importance of using a seat belt on buses. One year later, the DGT joined this initiative in order to emphasize other typical risk factors such as excessive alcohol consumption, drugs or medication, as well as speeding and distractions.