1,500 economic grants to maintain and boost employment in Spain

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EXTRAORDINARY CALL FOR EMPLOYMENT GRANTS FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE COVID-19 Fundación MAPFRE, aware of the current situation, has activated 5.5 million euros to help reactivate the productive network as soon as possible in order to maintain and boost employment and minimize the social and economic effects of the pandemic. To do so, we have launched an extraordinary call [...]


Boys have a three times higher risk of becoming addicted to online gambling than girls

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During lockdown there was an increase in gambling addictions among young people, “a very serious problem”, according to the experts. Fundación MAPFRE and the University of Valencia are conducting the first test to quickly identify addiction from the age of 11. Male teens, especially at the ages of 15 and 16, have a higher risk of [...]


Fundación MAPFRE calls for applications for grants worth 240,000 euros to carry out research projects that relate to health promotion

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  Fundación MAPFRE has launched a new edition of their research grant program worth a total of 240,000 euros, aimed at researchers and research teams in both the academic and professional world that wish to develop research programs independently or within the ambit of the universities, hospitals, companies or research centers they belong to. The Foundation [...]


New Fundación MAPFRE cultural program for autumn

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In the images: 1. Lee Friedlander. Nashville, Tennessee, 1963. Colecciones Fundación MAPFRE  © Lee Friedlander, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco 2. Bill Brandt. Evening in Kew Gardens, (Tarde en Kew Gardens), 1932 Private collection, Courtesy Bill Brandt Archive and Edwynn Houk Gallery. © Bill Brandt / Bill Brandt Archive Ltd. 3. Paul Strand. Blind Woman, New York, (Mujer ciega, [...]


Fundación MAPFRE selects nine major social innovation projects in the new post-covid world

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Social transformation and global impact. These are the main attributes that make the nine social innovation projects selected in this year's award semifinals stand out; these awards aim to improve health, sustainable mobility and insurance innovation, and have been held by Fundación MAPFRE for three years. The projects—which, this year, come from Brazil, Ecuador, Spain and Peru—aim [...]


Fundación MAPFRE allocates 1 million euros to issue 10,000 food cards for families most affected by the crisis

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  The COVID-19 crisis is plunging many Spanish families into new levels of poverty. To help these families recover, Fundación MAPFRE has created the Family Food Card, which will be distributed to socially vulnerable families with children through 30 social welfare organizations throughout Spain. Each card will have a value of 100 euros, which can be [...]


On average, 60 spaniards die every year from severe burns, which mainly occur in men in aged between 30 and 50

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Most of these burns are due to incidents involving open flames in the home or workplace. In the case of children, they are mainly caused by hot liquids.                                    Men are the main victims up to the age of 65, at which point the percentage of female victims increases. Hospital admissions due to burns dropped by [...]


Fundación MAPFRE begins sending emergency ventilators to LATAM to help with the most serious cases of COVID-19

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The foundation plans to invest just over one million euros in this project and to donate about 500 ventilators. The ventilators will assist the breathing of patients with severe respiratory problems. The machines are fully functional and able to control airflow, volume and pressure to help respond to the global emergency. They were designed by a [...]


Fundación MAPFRE donates nearly 600,000 euros in healthcare material to homes for the elderly and social care entities

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40,000 FFP2 masks, 140,000 surgical masks, 600 protection glasses, 40,000 disposable gowns and 300,000 nitrile gloves will be distributed to homes for the elderly and social care entities throughout Spain. This action, which forms part of the Fundación MAPFRE Emergency Aid Plan on occasion of the health crisis caused by the COVID-19, also includes emergency financial [...]