One in three freelancers would increase their contribution base if there were improved benefits

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13.2% of freelancers opt for private savings and pensions because they will rely on these benefits to supplement their public pension One in two freelancers (54.9%) feels they do not know enough about the benefits that their contributions to Social Security generate for them. Six out of 10 freelancers (62.5%) believe that the Spanish system is [...]


Fundación MAPFRE rewards commitment and international solidarity in the new edition of the Social Awards

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Emilio Aragón wins the Lifetime Achievement Award The international organization Mary's Meals which works to combat childhood malnutrition has also received an award, along with the Surgery in Turkana project, which provides surgical services to almost a million Africans, and the Brazilian organization Agrindus, which produces easily digestible cow's milk. Her Majesty Queen Sofia will preside [...]


Fundación MAPFRE opens its call for applications for grants worth 315,000 euros in order to carry out research projects

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Fundación MAPFRE has made a new call for applications for grants for a total of 315,000 Euros, open to academic and professional researchers and research teams that wish to develop research programs independently or within the scope of universities, hospitals, companies or research centers that they belong to. The Foundation offers its Ignacio H. Larramendi research [...]


ALSA, DGT and Fundación MAPFRE join forces to inform the public about speeding and distractions while driving

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“Both hands on the wheel” and “90 km/h, better to go more slowly” are the two messages with which ALSA, the Department of Traffic and Fundación MAPFRE are using to promote road safety and contribute to reducing the number of road accidents. The first message is aimed at making drivers aware of the importance of not [...]


Her Majesty Queen Sofía presides over the Fundación MAPFRE Social Outreach Awards

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From left to right: Ignacio Baeza, Vice Chairman of Fundación MAPFRE; Elena Mendía, from Cirugía en Turkana; Roberto Jank, Head of AGRINDUS; ; Elena de Borbón, Projects Manager at Fundación MAPFRE; Nadia Calviño, Minister for Economy and Business; Her Majesty Queen Sofía; Antonio Huertas, President of Fundación MAPFRE; Emilio Aragón; Elisalex Löwenstein, President of Mary’s Meals [...]


Fundación MAPFRE presents the work of the British photographer Richard Learoyd in Barcelona

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Balena, Pacifica, 2015 Copia de contacte a la gelatina de plata, edició de 5 Courtesy of the artist and Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco © Richard Learoyd. Courtesy of the artist and Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco Television images  user: RICHARD_LEAROYD        password: EXPO      Press images               Press kit   Learoyd's work makes multiple references to the history of [...]


The russian avant-garde before, during and after the revolution at the new Fundación MAPFRE exhibition in Madrid

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The exhibition features a complete overview of the artistic movements in the first decades of the 20th century that broke with established Russian traditions.   Marc Chagall, Kazimir Malevich, Wassily Kandinsky, Natalia Goncharova, Lyubov Popova, El Lissitzky, Jean Pougny and Alexander Rodchenko are some of the artists whose work appears in the exhibition. Until May 5 at [...]


Fundación MAPFRE presents the “neighborhood superheroes” campaign in order to lend a voice to small social entities

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Fundación MAPFRE supports small social entities with great needs in Spain with around 500,000 euros There are people in Spain who voluntarily and selflessly help others to improve their lives, to overcome illnesses and to solve their problems. These are empathetic and socially-conscious men and women who think more about others than themselves and have a [...]