The Practicooking project is promoting fun recipes and advice on food in order to make the kitchen a place where the whole family can learn and enjoy themselves at the same time.

Madrid, 5 September. Fundación MAPFRE and Fundación Dani Garcia presented Practicooking, in BIBO Madrid today. This initiative seeks to spread the word about the importance of healthy eating and to reclaim the kitchen as a meeting place for families.
Practicooking was created as a result of both foundations’ interest in promoting healthy eating as a way of preventing childhood obesity, which is on the rise.
According to World Health Organization figures, some 42 million children are overweight worldwide. In Spain, obesity is rising and already affects 17.4% of the population. More than one in ten children are considered to be obese (Ministry of Health figures), therefore, Practicooking’s main goal is to improve the food being consumed in our households.
Therefore, this Chef from Marbella and Fundación MAPFRE have created a series of easy, quick and tasty recipes based on fresh foods so that parents can introduce their children to the world of gastronomy.
These recipes, which will be released throughout this quarter, will be accompanied by an instructional video by Dani García. In order to make it easy to choose, each recipe will indicate its difficulty level, the most suitable age for preparing each dish, the ingredients needed, the allergens and the steps to prepare it.
In the first five recipes you will find information for preparing original dishes such as spaghetti bolognese with hidden vegetables or grilled fish with fruit ratatouille.
Since the world we live in is a digital one, Practicooking has begun on social networks and seeks to create a community interested in eating healthy and tasty food, and to share this knowledge. We will be sharing this initiative on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and the Web.
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Furthermore, in addition to this initiative, Dani García and Fundación MAPFRE will be reaching out to a younger audience in different schools through workshops in which they will emphasize the importance of having a healthy lifestyle, both in terms of healthy eating but also with physical activity.

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