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Fundación MAPFRE has unveiled the first exhibition in Spain devoted to the work of Eamonn Doyle This exhibition explores the latest work of this Irish photographer, known for his «Dublin trilogy».

The exhibition features 153 photographs, 5 photo-books and a 9-screen video installation. On display in our Bárbara de Braganza Exhibition Hall until 26 January.

The exhibition, curated by Niall Sweeney, includes the artist’s personal vision of the Irish capital – the drama and the pace of life of the city, its light, its feel and its inhabitants – and also the series known as «K», which includes images of ghostly figures taken on the west coast of Ireland and in the Extremaduran landscape.

Eamonn Doyle (Dublin, 1969) first studied painting and then photography at university (1987‑1991), before focusing on going traveling with the idea of becoming a «world photographer». On his return to Ireland he converted a building that had been used for a family business into a studio complex for artists, filmmakers and photographers.

In 1994 he put his camera down and launched his D1 Recordings music label and began to produce a unique and very influential genre of techno music based in Dublin. Doyle spent the following twenty years immersed in the music world, releasing records, collaborating, recording, directing festivals and traveling around the world, this time with vinyls under his arm rather than a camera.

However, over the last decade Doyle has returned to a rigorous photography practice and has particularly focused on the streets of his native city of Dublin.

For Doyle, the camera is another way of continuing to work with a different type of music, concentrating on its rhythm, within the universal vibrations of our daily lives.

Doyle is currently living and working in Dublin, in his house on Parnell Street whose basement continues to house his D1 Recordings studio which is still in operation.


The exhibition, featuring 153 photographs, 5 photo-books and a 9-screen video installation, is organized into six themed sections.

The exhibition opens with the images from the «Dublin trilogy», comprising the i, ON and End series. In this trilogy we can see photographs from the outskirts of his native city taken from unexpected angles, revealing an original view of the city and its inhabitants.

This series makes strategic use of cropping and framing, conveying moments of stillness and frenzied energy, of solitude and community, thus enabling the spectator to experience the unique pace of life of Doyle’s Dublin.

The exhibition continues with State Visit, in which we are presented with thirty-six images of sewer openings photographed during the days prior to the State visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Ireland in 2011. The sewer lids are marked with yellow or white paint to denote that they have been checked by the security forces and to reveal if they have been handled in any way.

The exhibition continues with his video installation on nine screens which are changing constantly over a city in motion, Dublin. Constructed cinematographically as a series of sequences that unfold at the same time by means of the movement of people trapped in space and time.

The exhibition draws to a close with K, which includes ghostly figures photographed on the west coast of Ireland and in the Extremaduran landscape. K is a conceptual series that searches for the forces that live inside us, as well as being a struggle to understand death, love and the vital elements that connect all things.

With the Spanish photographs in this series, Fundación MAPFRE continues with its mission to support prominent photographers in carrying out photographic works in Spain.

This exhibition, first unveiled at the RHA Gallery in Dublin, has become the biggest exhibition of Doyle’s work to date.

Taking part in the press conference were the curator of the exhibition, Niall Sweeney, the Cultural Director at Fundación MAPFRE, Nadia Arroyo Arce, and Eamonn Doyle himself.