Fundación MAPFRE, aware of the current situation, has activated 5.5 million euros to help reactivate the productive network as soon as possible in order to maintain and boost employment and minimize the social and economic effects of the pandemic.

To do so, we have launched an extraordinary call for 1,500 employment grants ACCEDMEOS-COVID-19, addressed atsmall companies, self-employed workers and social entities with up to five employees and with the objective of saving existing jobs prior to the state of alert, as well as new jobs.

The duration of the aid is nine months and allows for employing people without any age limit (as long as they are over 18 years old), and who have been legally unemployed for at least one month. The contract must be part or full time, but excludes work and service contracts and self-employment.

This call will prioritize the maintenance and creation of jobs for young people and those over 50 years old. Similarly, it will focus mainly on the Autonomous Communities most affected by the economic effects of the pandemic.

For all full-time contracts, a grant of up to EUR 4,500 (distributed in monthly installments of up to EUR 500) will be granted; for part-time contracts, a grant of up to EUR 2,700 (distributed in monthly installments of up to EUR 300) will be assigned.

The terms and conditions for the new call are available at: