• Jawlensky, Morandi, Miró or Winogrand are some of the great names that will be exhibited in the Foundation’s exhibition halls.
  • Fundación MAPFRE will launch its new project “Cultura en digital” (Digital Culture).

Today 17th November Fundación MAPFRE presented its cultural program in Madrid and Barcelona for 2021. A total of twelve exhibitions  have been organized within its halls, in which some of the great names of contemporary painting and photography are joined together, Alekséi von Jawlensky, Giorgio Morandi, Joan Miró, Garry Winogrand or Claudia Andujar, among others.

During the presentation, Nadia Arroyo, Director of Culture, pointed out that “we have worked hard so the covid-19 crisis has not become a step backwards for culture and we think it is important to recover all the activities possible within the pandemic while taking into account, of course, the maximum protection for the health of both visitors and all those of us behind each activity, hence making them possible”.

In addition, he highlighted “In our case, the pandemic has led us to accelerate a transformation that was already on the cards: the need to be more transverse, more compact in what we offer to the public. We want our visitors to be able to see in a single space and the same building, both paintings from the 19th or early 20th century and the work of an acclaimed contemporary photographer. This is why we are going to join these initiatives together and as of January we will present both programs at the same time, in our Recoletos exhibition halls”.

He also stressed that “In Barcelona, we continue to offer the KBr project format that we recently launched, which we are happy to say has been received with enthusiasm, meeting our expectations.”

Fundación MAPFRE starts the year with the Jawlensky exhibitions. The landscape of the face and Japanese photographer Tomoko Yoneda,  which can be visited at the Recoletos Exhibition Hall (Paseo de Recoletos, 23. Madrid) as from 11th of February.

The first of these covers the career of the Russian painter Alekséi von Jawlensky (1864-1941) from his origins and the beginning of his career in Munich to the transformation his painting underwent in Switzerland and his final years in the German city of Wiesbaden. He was a pioneer on the road to abstraction, basing his work on almost obsessive series and returns.

For the first time in Spain, the Yoneda exhibition offers an extensive tour of her work through one hundred and twelve images and emphasizes on some of her latest works such as “Dialogue with Albert Camus“, “Correspondence-Letter to a Friend” or “Crystals“. Along with her best-known series, a new series on the Civil War and the figure of Federico García Lorca is presented as a result of a specific commission to Fundación MAPFRE within this exhibition.

In Barcelona, the Fundación MAPFRE KBr Photography Center launches its program with the largest exhibition to date dedicated to the work of  Claudia Andujar. The artist has used her work as a form of commitment to the world around her, a means of getting to know others and, hence, getting to know herself as well. The exhibition brings together around three hundred photographs and a series of drawings by the Yanomami people, as well as books, audiovisual projections and documents, which explore the artist’s extraordinary contribution to the medium.

In KBr’s Hall 2 you can visit “La Mirada Cautiva”. The daguerreotype collection from the Center for Research and Dissemination of the Image (CRDI) – Gerona; the first of the exhibitions to be organized with Catalan institutions to showcase their rich photographic heritage. On this occasion the exhibition is dedicated to the origins of daguerreotypes and will also have a more didactic point of view. The meaning of the term “captive”, included in the title, suggests, on one hand, the aim of “capturing the moment, and retaining an image that will disappear” and, on the other hand, the fascination and attraction at the end of the 19th century with the arrival of the daguerreotype. This object, the first one that could be disseminated and commercialized, was considered rather a psycho-chemical “prodigy”, “the mirror of memory”, as it was commonly known at that time.

From 29th May the work of the North American Garry Winogrand, a key figure in the renewal of documentary photography, and the series by Nicholas Nixon, The Brown Sisters, with which the Foundation presents part of its collection, will be on display at the KBr center in Barcelona.

At Sala Recoletos, in Madrid, the Bill Brandt and Miró exhibitions can be visited as of June 4th: Poem, which shows, through twenty paintings, illustrated books and handwritten poems, the relationship that Joan Miró had with poetry.

“With this exhibition tribute, the Foundation closes a cycle: next autumn the temporary Miró Collection that we received  in 2016 will come to an end”, Arroyo said.

By the end of 2021, on September 26th, two exhibitions will be opened at the Recoletos Hall. The first, on Giorgio Morandi, goes on an in detail tour of the works of the Italian author, one of the most significant and unclassifiable in the history of 20th century art, and which will show, for the first time, a series of one-off dialogues with contemporary artists.

The second of these presents the largest retrospective to date of the American photographer Judith Joy Ross, exploring the photographic archive that the artist has developed over the last thirty years. Focusing on the portrait, her work marks a turning point in this genre. Ross is able to capture the past, the present and perhaps the future of the individuals who pose in front of her.

In Barcelona, at the KBr photography center, from 29 September you can enjoy the work of Paolo Gasparini, considered one of the most emblematic contemporary Latin American photographers on the international scene and without doubt one of those who has best captured the cultural tensions and contradictions of Latin America.

In Hall 2 of the KBr center, the first exhibition made in collaboration with photography schools will be inaugurated.


In 2021, Fundación MAPFRE will launch a digital culture project that will have four pillars: the exhibitions, the Foundation’s collections, educational content and volunteer calls (meetings, conference cycles…)

To carry out this project, the Foundation will have a digital cultural programmer for each exhibition that will generate different content. The first exhibitions of the year are a collaboration of the writers Luna de Miguel and Antonio J Rodriguez, the illustrator Sara Herranz and the artist Nicolás Combarro.

“We are specially thrilled with this project as it opens up the possibility to collaborate with part of the younger cultural sector”, said Nadia Arroyo.