• The city of Zaragoza, with its City Council at the forefront, will be holding the national launch of the 19th Fire Prevention Week along with its first activities.
  • The 19th Fire Prevention Week will visit a total of 35 Spanish cities with the goal of helping the general public identify fire risks and to know what to do in the event of a fire.

Fundación MAPFRE and the  Spanish Professional Firefighters’ Association (APTB), in conjunction with Zaragoza City Council, have rolled out today, 23rd September, the 19th Edition of Fire Prevention Week, which seeks to help the general public identify risks in the home and know what to do if a fire breaks out.

During the 19th edition of Fire Prevention week, which will be carried out in conjunction with the Fire Fighting and Prevention Services of 35 Spanish cities, numerous activities will be organized with a special emphasis on vulnerable groups such as children and elderly people.

During the launch we were reminded that families need to be aware that a fire in the home can be avoided or even minimized with simple and economic measures such as installing a smoke detector in the home. Fundación MAPFRE and the APTB believe this is the most effective and economic way of ensuring survival in the event of a fire breaking out in your home at night while everyone is sleeping.

The development of the activities

Fundación MAPFRE and the APTB have organized different activities for the general public, where they can learn how to use a fire extinguisher, contain a fire, or install a smoke detector.

The people of Zaragoza will also be able to visit the Prevention Park, a 400 square meter inflatable structure which will be installed in the Plaza del Pilar with the goal of teaching children and the elderly about the basic rules of evacuation in a fun and engaging way.

Young children will receive a prevention workbook so they can work with their families on fire prevention and other risks in order to increase the message’s reach.

All the activities carried out are free of charge and will be run and supervised by members of the Zaragoza Town Hall Fire Department.

Survival Roadmap

Fundación MAPFRE and APTB have devised a simple Survival Roadmap, a guide that anyone visiting the prevention area can look through. This roadmap contains the main guidelines to follow in order to prevent fires: do not overload sockets, do not smoke in bed, do not put heating devices near curtains, do not leave candles unattended, etc.

It also explains what course of action must be taken if a fire breaks out. The first step is to assess the situation, without taking any undue risk. If there is no danger you should try to put out the fire, but if you are unable to do so, you must alert everyone in the property and close the door on the fire.

The roadmap also explains what to do based on whether it is possible to evacuate the property or not. Firstly, if you can get out of the house, you should do so without stopping to take anything with you, you must not use the elevator and you should call 112 once you get outside. If you cannot get out, call 112 , shut all the doors and cover any cracks in the doors with damp cloths, and draw attention to yourself from the window. Remain calm and await the arrival of the fire services.

Fire Prevention Week Schedule

Once the activities have wrapped up in Zaragoza, the campaign will travel to Bermeo (Biscay), Cervo (Lugo), Oviedo (Asturias), Gijón (Asturias), Santander (Cantabria), A Coruña, the province of Álava, Fuenlabrada (Madrid), Alcorcón (Madrid), Móstoles (Madrid), Community of Madrid, the province of Ciudad Real, the province of Cordoba, Andújar (Jaén), the province of Huelva, the island of Lanzarote, the province of Badajoz, the province of Cáceres, Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), Salamanca, Madrid, the province of Toledo, Soria, Huesca, Bilbao (Biscay), Benalmadena (Malaga), the province of Granada, Almería Levante, the province of Castellón, the province of Malaga, Linares (Jaén), the island of La Palma, the province of Murcia and Fuengirola (Malaga).

The campaign starting today will run until January 2020, coinciding with the coldest months of the year in which heating appliances are most used (central heating systems, electric heaters, etc.).

The following people took part in the launch of the 19th Fire Prevention Week: Jorge Azcón Navarro, Mayor; Eduardo José Sánchez Álvarez, Head of the Zaragoza City Council Fire Department; Natalia Chueca Muñoz, Public Services and Mobility Council member; Alfonso Mendoza Trell, Council member responsible for Firefighting; Jesús Monclus González, Fundación MAPFRE Accident Prevention and Road Safety Director; and Carlos García Touriñán, Vice president of APTB