Fundación MAPFRE awards 120,000 euros in prizes to the individuals and organizations around the world whose work most benefits society

  • It announces a new edition of the Social Innovation Awards, which recognize international projects and figures that are helping to improve people’s lives.                                                                                                                      
  • The 4 categories are: best professional career, best organization, best social project, and best agricultural and livestock initiative.
  • With a total of 120,000 euros on offer.
  • Open through May 31.
  • Requirements available at

The Fundación MAPFRE Social Innovation Awards seek to give recognition to commitment, generosity and solidarity by rewarding individuals and institutions that have undertaken outstanding scientific, cultural, social and agricultural actions for the benefit of society.

These international awards come with a prize of 30,000 euros per category (120,000 euros total). The deadline to apply for the awards is May 31.


The José Manuel Martínez Martínez Lifetime Achievement Award. This category is awarded in recognition of people who dedicate their lives to improving those of others, in both the professional and personal spheres. To select the winner of this award, the judging panel will consider the candidate’s entire professional career and personal trajectory, as well as their support for solidarity causes.

Award for Best Organization in Social Causes This category is designed to reward the work of institutions that have carried out relevant and highly impactful actions throughout their history in the areas of society, culture, road safety, claim prevention and health promotion.

To select the winner of this award, the judging panel will assess the effectiveness of the respective projects and their degree of innovation and inclusivenes.

Award for the Best Project or Initiative Given its Social Impact. This category recognizes outstanding projects that help to substantially improving the lives of many people. The judging panel will assess the relevance, degree of innovation and originality of the project, as well as its ability to be extended to the largest number of countries.

Award for the Best Initiative in the Agricultural Sector. Fundación MAPFRE has announced this biennial award for the second time, with the aim of recognizing initiatives in the agricultural and livestock sector that have stood out for being innovative and reinventional in the production, transformation and marketing systems for products during the last two years.


In the last edition, the singer Raphael won the Lifetime Achievement award. He was recognized along with Grupo Social ONCE (Best Organization in Social Causes), Fundación Juanfe (Best Social Impact Project), and legal and insurance expert Abel Veiga (Julio Castelo Matrán International Insurance Award).


The requirements to submit projects in the four categories can be viewed at: