• Award for the Best Initiative in the Agriculture Sector.
  • It recognizes the most innovative agriculture and livestock initiatives that add to the economic growth of the territory where they are carried out.                                                                     
  • The deadline to participate is May 31.
  • The terms and conditions are available at www.fundacionmapfre.org.

Fundación MAPFRE announces the Award for the Best Initiative in the Agriculture Sector, endowed with 30,000 euros, aimed at recognizing the most innovative and sustainable initiatives in the agriculture and livestock sector, especially those that have contributed to transforming the production and marketing systems of their products over the past two years.

Innovative, profitable, and sustainable

The award, which is awarded every two years, is intended to serve as a stimulus for entrepreneurs, producers, and professionals in the agriculture sector who have innovated their organizations and achieved an improvement in profitability due to that innovation.

It also recognizes projects that have led to improved standards of quality and safety control in their production chain, that have optimized resource use and guaranteed their sustainability in the long term, thus favoring the development of a more competitive, sustainable, and territorially balanced economic model.

The jury will also value the contribution of the project to economic growth of the territory where it is implemented, as well as to the digitization of the sector, and protection of the environment and improvement of society.

Until May 31, agricultural or agroindustrial producers, individual or family projects and cooperatives and associations may participate.

Fundación MAPFRE Social Awards

This award is part of the Social Awards, which are intended to recognize the commitment, generosity and solidarity of individuals and institutions through outstanding actions for the benefit of society in the scientific, cultural, social and agricultural fields.

The other categories are:

José Manuel Martínez Martínez Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes people who dedicate their lives to improving the lives of others, not only from the professional, but also from the personal sphere.

Award for the Best Entity for its Social Trajectory, which recognizes the work of institutions that throughout their career have carried out relevant actions with great impact in social, cultural, road safety, accident prevention, and health promotion matters.

Best Project or Initiative Award for its social impact, which recognizes differentiating projects that contribute to substantially improving the lives of many people.


The requirements to submit projects in the four categories can be viewed at: www.fundacionmapfre.org