• Expert grief psychologists will provide personalized assistance and follow up on the people affected.
  • Those interested can call 91 310 14 55 to make an appointment by phone and receive assistance.

Helping people who have lost a relative or a loved one due to Covid-19 is the purpose of a free telephone and online line, set up by Fundación MAPFRE in collaboration with the Grupo Luria Psicología and the National Association of Funeral Services (PANASEF).

Thanks to this service, a team of psychologists who specialize in mourning will provide assistance to help people overcome this situation, especially in circumstances where many of them have not been able to say goodbye to their loved ones because of the coronavirus, and therefore suffering more intensely from the loss of their loved ones.


Experts from Grupo Luria Psicología will provide the bereaved with “a space of intimacy, a person to talk to and a somebody to be by their side”, which will allow them to feel and express in a guided way all the emotions associated with the loss, “one of life’s hardest experiences”, according to the team of psychologists who will coordinate this service.

“There are no formulas for everyone”, they say, “so we adapt to each person and his/her circumstances, get to know how he or she is taking this emotional burden, which often has an immense impact, and we help them to seek relief and understand that although it is a difficult process, it is also a necessary and natural moment”.

The service is free by calling the phone number 91 310 14 55  or by video conference, from  9:00h to  21:00h, from Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays, from  10:00h to 14:00h, in sessions that are scheduled to last approximately 45 minutes.

This platform allows carrying out a personalized assessment of those affected, selecting the most appropriate specialist, according to the personality, age, sex and other personal circumstances of the person requesting the service, and offering an appointment so he/she can receive assistance as soon as possible and the necessary follow-up in each case.


Fundación MAPFRE has allocated 35 million euros to different international projects that aim to increase the protection of the population against the virus, help the most disadvantaged groups and contribute to overcoming this crisis with the least possible impact. “The fight against the coronavirus involves all sectors of society. Institutions, such as Fundación MAPFRE, are needed more than ever to take action, with solidarity actions that promote social cohesion and equal opportunities” said Antonio Huertas, President of the entity.