For every 10 euros contributed, Fundación MAPFRE will give away a Solidarity Mask with the slogan “Soledad Cero” (Zero Loneliness), and the proceeds will go to support  inclusion projects in Spain

Fundación MAPFRE has launched a micro-donations campaign to raise funds to support the Plena Inclusión (Total Inclusion) “Zero Loneliness” project. An initiative created to alleviate the consequences of the loneliness and isolation suffered by the disabled and their families, a situation in many cases aggravated by the current economic situation.

According to a survey carried out by Plena Inclusión and in which 1,052 people participated, one out of every three families of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities is facing the crisis generated by the covid-19 with great difficulties. The intensity and frequency of support required by people with intellectual or developmental disabilities has meant that one in four family members have left their jobs or had to reduce their working hours in order to cope with their care.

For every 10 euros contributed to the Zero Loneliness campaign, the donor will receive a three-layer protection, washable solidarity mask with the slogan “Zero Loneliness“.

Those interested in participating in the campaign can do so at

The Foundation guarantees the donor that 100% of the amounts contributed will go to the beneficiaries, as it will bear the projects’ usual structure and management costs.

This campaign is part of #GivingTuesday, the global solidarity movement that fosters a culture of cooperation and collaboration through donations and volunteering on behalf of many organizations for different causes.

 Make your donation and show off your solidarity mask.