Fundación MAPFRE supports small social entities with great needs in Spain with around 500,000 euros

There are people in Spain who voluntarily and selflessly help others to improve their lives, to overcome illnesses and to solve their problems. These are empathetic and socially-conscious men and women who think more about others than themselves and have a clear vocation to helping the most vulnerable among us.

They are the Neighborhood Superheroes,   leading figures in the latest social campaign Fundación MAPFRE has rolled out in order to give visibility to people who work for small social entities throughout Spain. People who, with their dedication and generosity, make the hopes and dreams of those who are suffering come true. They help people overcome near insurmountable obstacles while facing huge challenges on a daily basis to bring happiness to those who need it most.

In the next few months, Fundación MAPFRE will give voice to those who are responsible for entities such as Fundación Lukas (Alicante), Fundación Nido (Madrid), Fundación Ana Carolina Díez Mahou (Madrid), Fundación Horizontes Abiertos (Madrid), Grandes Amigos (Madrid), and Altamar (Malaga) in order to explain the work they do, what  generosity and service to others means to them and which people’s lives they are helping to change.

Fundación MAPFRE has chosen these entities because there are real stories behind them which have an impact on us and which are full of fighting spirit and hope. A good example of this is the Fundación Horizontes Abiertos, pioneers in Spain in the 1980s, where many people with terminal stage AIDS and nowhere else to go would visit and be cared for thanks to the kindness of people such as María Matos. The Madrid neighborhood of Aluche is also the scene of another great history, that of Fundación Nido, where Carlos de Miguel, the secretary of the said entity, dedicates his time to El Despertar, a spacious center for people with severe cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities which 60 people attend, from 3 to 51 years old, to receive personalized therapy.

Another notable entity is the Asociación Altamar in Malaga, which, thanks to people such as Peque and Natividad, help victims of gender-based violence and exclusion, especially due to having been evicted from their homes, get ahead and who offer their time to help familes overcome the difficulties of exclusion, delinquency, drugs and academic failure; Fundación Ana Carolina Díez Mahou, in Madrid, which offers thousands of individualized therapies with dogs, water and music to around 200 children with neuromuscular and mitochondrial diseases; Fundación Lukas, in San Juan, Alicante, where six young adult with severe multiple paralysis live together in the same multidisciplinary and smart space which is not only designed to take care of their needs but also to improve their quality of life; and Grandes Amigos, which makes public the stories of people who reconnect with their neighborhoods, with the help of over 800 volunteers who travel across Madrid fighting against one of our greatest fears, loneliness.

Neighborhood Superheroes is an intiative of the Sé Solidario program, which Fundación MAPFRE has been promoting since 2016 in order to support the projects of small social entities with great needs in Spain, as well as to increase solidarity among the general public and to facilitate their contribution to society through donations, training and volunteering with one common goal: improving the quality of life of people with very few resources living in social exclusion.

Since then, Fundación MAPFRE has supported small social entities with approximately 500,000 euros, among which we can highlight the Pato Amarillo (Madrid) association; the Fundación Abulense (Avila); Asociación Grupo Espiga (Valencia); Asociación Integro (La Coruña); Fundación Esportiva Grama (Barcelona); Nuevo Día (Teruel); Asociación Española de Familias de Personas con Sordoceguera (Seville), and Asociación ADESPI (Las Palmas, Gran Canaria).