With the debut of this sitcom in twelve episodes, these two entities maintain their commitment to promoting Vocational Training through the ‘Descubre la FP’ (Discover VT – Vocational Training) initiative

Alicia is a young woman coming to the end of her Vocational Training in Sound and Image, and has decided to do a report on her family life for her final piece of coursework. After her aunt and uncle and cousins’ house get flooded, she offers to let them stay at her house, but on one condition: they will have to take part in an audiovisual adventure. This means she will be following them around night and day with her cameras.

This is how the ‘La Familia Pérez’ sitcom begins. It is a Fundación ATRESMEDIA and Fundación MAPFRE project designed to familiarize young people and their families with Vocational Training, given how important it is to strengthen this educational sector which has become an excellent way of improving youth employability.

This comedic and sometimes surreal series, which narrates the daily life of the Pérez family, will premiere exclusively on Atresplayer on the 3 December. The ATRESMEDIA multi-platform offers its audience the ability to choose the best way to enjoy exclusive content, whenever they choose, such as ‘La Familia Pérez’.

With the launch of this comedy, produced by Estudios Quinto Nivel, Fundación ATRESMEDIA and Fundación MAPFRE have kept their commitment to Vocational Training, through ‘Discover VT’. VT currently offers innumerable advantages in today’s society: practical, diverse, useful, more company-oriented, and focused on the preferences and abilities of each student. European and Spanish studies have also shown thathalf of all jobs which will be required on the labor market in the next few years will need professionals with intermediate-level qualifications, which is precisely what VT prepares its students for. This data demonstrates the need to encourage short-term technical studies and to promote them.

A family looking for their place in the world
The plot of ‘La Familia Pérez’ revolves around Alicia’s flat, where she records a reality show with her aunt and uncle and cousins. The cameras will accompany the characters in the pursuit of their goals and in their constant quest to find their place in the world. There will be good and bad moments throughout the episodes as well as a comical critique of modern Spain. The Vocational Training studies will form an important part of the plot, given that several of the main characters will end up finding their passion in life thanks to VT.

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