Fundación MAPFRE joins the #DiaEducacionFinanciera (Financial Education day), held today, offering numerous educational activities related to financial and insurance education.
The purpose of these activities is to promote a prevention and insurance culture, and to particularly highlight to students in Secondary and High School education how important it is to save and plan their expenses. For this reason, Fundación MAPFRE will hold more than 1000 workshops over the course of the new academic year on financial education through the use of innovative educational materials and new technologies, which will allow the students (around 30,000), to learn in a pleasant and enjoyable way.
In addition, from November onwards, Fundación MAPFRE will hold a new workshop revolving around PlayPension, a board game they designed, in which approximately 5000 High school students from 150 educational centers throughout Spain will learn to manage a family budget and make good decisions regarding savings, investment and financial products.
The website Seguros y Pensiones para Todos (Insurance and Pensions for Everybody) - will offer throughout 2018 and 2019 a number of free online courses and educational materials to educational specialists, as well as to anyone else who is interested in improving how they manage their finances.
During the Financial Education Week, Fundación MAPFRE has launched a social media campaign where it will circulate GIFs and messages promoting the savings culture. Fundación MAPFRE will be holding a competition on Facebook where users can share their best savings tips and take part in a prize draw where they can win three gift cards worth 300 euros each.