The two institutions sign an agreement to grant 86 scholarships and organize 11 courses to facilitate access to the labor market in Latin America

Madrid, June 3, 2021. Fundación MAPFRE and the ONCE Foundation for Latin America (FOAL) have signed a collaboration agreement to unite efforts to support the occupational inclusion of people with visual impairments in Latin America.

The agreement, signed by the General Manager of Fundación MAPFRE, Julio Domingo Souto, and the President of FOAL, Alberto Durán, aims to promote the training and occupational inclusion of people with visual impairments in the region by granting 86 scholarships and organizing 11 training courses of 300 hours each in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, and Uruguay.

The project aims to benefit more than 1,500 people with visual disabilities in Latin America, and will facilitate work with at least five companies and public organizations per country, with an average of ten people per organization, to raise awareness of the opportunities offered by the occupational inclusion of people with disabilities.

In addition, this agreement will allow Fundación MAPFRE volunteers to get involved in organizing spaces for sharing knowledge with people with visual impairments on various employment-related topics (preparing a CV, job interviews, communication and leadership skills, etc.). The FOAL volunteers, who are experts in various fields of visual impairment, will be available to enrich this dialogue and, in turn, train Fundación MAPFRE volunteers in inclusive culture and disability.

FOAL will include this project in its ÁGORA program, whose objective is to provide employment guidance for blind and severely visually impaired people, access to professional and lifelong training, and assistance in finding, obtaining and retaining a job. All of this is to ensure that they have the opportunity of a future life with a freely chosen or accepted job, whether in the public or private domain, through self-employment, or in cooperatives.

Meanwhile, Fundación MAPFRE will finance the project through its extraordinary COVID aid fund so that FOAL can take all the necessary actions included in this agreement.