Call for applications for the 2nd edition of  the awards for social innovation

• The call for applications in Europe and Latin America is divided into three categories: sustainable mobility and road safety; e-health; and Insurtech.

• The winners will be awarded 30,000 euros and the semi-finalists and finalists will receive training in key skills, as well as advice and exposure to potential investors.

• The call for applications begins on 15 December and ends on 31 January.

For a second consecutive year, Fundación MAPFRE is promoting social innovation in order to identify innovative projects with a high capacity for social transformation and global impact, with solutions applied to the majority of the world’s regions, in order to improve people’s lives.

This initiative, which Fundación MAPFRE is undertaking in collaboration with IE Business School, seeks to promote creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership as the tools with which we can create a fairer world. The purpose of the awards is also to to promote values such as sustainability, equality and integration, and to train young people in skills which enable them to develop their projects efficiently and prepare them to become leading voices for social change.

Researchers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and university and business school students can submit their proposals focused on three main objectives: improving the mobility and safety of the most vulnerable groups in society such as pedestrians and cyclists, and helping to reduce contamination in cities; promoting the culture of health, encouraging healthy behaviors and helping to change unhealthy lifestyle choices; and disseminating and transmitting the social function of insurance and its leading role in the economy by means of projects that provide innovative solutions to specific situations such as retirement, and that promote the importance of having savings and social protection and familiarize citizens with insurance activities.

The awards are being launched in three large regions: Brazil, Latin America (except Brazil) and Europe, where the 27 semi-finalists will be classified. There will be three candidates for each of the three categories and for each one of the regions. The semi-finals will take place between the months of June and July in México, Brazil and Spain, where one candidate per category will be chosen to go on to the grand final in Madrid, which will be held on 10 October.

The winners will each receive a prize of 30,000 euros and the semi-finalists and finalists will enjoy several channels of promotion for their projects that will help them to publicize their work. They will receive support, guidance and assistance in effectively communicating and developing their proposals with the help of mentoring for semi-finalists and coaching for finalists. They will also have the opportunity to form part of a public relations plan and will receive significant exposure to potential investors.

Generating innovative ideas collaboratively and proposing solutions for them, with the help of specialized knowledge sharing and the mutual support of innovators around the world: this is the objective of the Innovation Network, a private community of social innovators comprising the 27 semi-finalists of the first edition of these awards, which Fundación MAPFRE has rolled out in this second call for applications.

Those interested in taking part can submit their projects from 15 December 2018 to 31 January 2019 at: